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Welcome to the Land of the Thunder Dragon

Probably no other country on earth has preserved and protected its traditions, environment and cultural identity from the influence of western civilization as much as Bhutan has. In 1999 Bhutan was the last country to introduce TV while mobile-service was introduced in 2004. Bhutan balances modernization with its ancient culture and traditions und the guiding philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH). Nestled between Tibet and India Bhutan with its distinctive types of monastic forts known – similar to Tibet - used to be known as one of the most isolated countries in the world.

Thanks to Bhutan’s opening to the outside world in a manner and pace that is in line with its development and the sentiment of its people it remains one of the most fascinating and unique attractions in the entire Himalayas.

Through our direct contacts in Bhutan and our repeated personal visits there we are in a position to provide you with unforgettable and individual experiences. Meet Bhutan’s gentle people, learn about Bhutan’s Vajrayana Buddhism, enjoy a religious mask-dance, walk through picturesque landscapes and villages, visit sanctuaries, farm houses, monasteries and monastic forts (Dzongs); and explore lesser known corners of this exceptional country with us. If you are adventurous you can even include bicycling, MTB, river rafting or you may explore Bhutan’s mountain-world and remote villages by one of our many types of treks.

Bhutan is also your exquisite destination if you are looking for luxury and the extraordinary. Your visit to Bhutan can easily be combined with a visit to Sikkim and/or Assam in India. We look forward 


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