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Your travel planning

Individual or group trips? | Nordostinidien und Sikkim Reisen - Bild zu Travel planning

Travel planning

We organize both group and private trips.

We organize our group trips in cooperation with European travel agencies. However, please contact us in any case, because in addition to the group trips published on our website, additional group trips may arise at any time that are not published on our website. It is also possible that a published group trip may not materialize. We will be happy to inform you about the current status. | Nordostinidien und Sikkim Reisen - Bild zu Travel planning | Nordostinidien und Sikkim Reisen - Bild zu Travel planning | Nordostinidien und Sikkim Reisen - Bild zu Travel planning | Nordostinidien und Sikkim Reisen - Bild zu Travel planning

A selection of our private tours and private tours can be found under our travel modules and round trips. The published travel modules are only a small selection. We have further travel modules and round trips to all destinations in India and Bhutan.

All group trips can also be booked as private tours from 1 to 2 people in the desired time window. We will be happy to advise you on a suitable time of year.

For private tours, we will put together a tour to suit your requirements and wishes.

Advantages of private travel

  • Professionalism: We visit India several times a year and constantly review our services on site; as for our CEO Helen Kämpf, India is her second home, as she lived there permanently for over 12 years – as a travel participant, you benefit from her local experience.
  • Flexibility: You determine the duration and dates of your trip; we are also there for you if you have any unusual travel requests.
  • Private tour guides: You will be accompanied by local, private tour guides who will cater to your wishes and needs. German-speaking or Swiss tour guides are also available on request.</li
  • Vehicle with private chauffeur: You have your own private vehicle and can make stops as you wish
  • Private tour: You travel exclusively alone or with people you know
  • Guaranteed realization: With private tours, you can be sure that the tour will actually take place | Nordostinidien und Sikkim Reisen - Bild zu Travel planning | Nordostinidien und Sikkim Reisen - Bild zu Travel planning

What kind of tour do you prefer?

When planning your private tour, first choose the type of tour you prefer.
Would you like to get to know the most beautiful and interesting regions of India and don’t want to compromise on the hotels? Then choose one of our Classic round trips.
Is it important to you to travel in peace and quiet and without a hectic pace? Do you prefer idyllic, quiet places? Would you like to be pampered with culinary delights and would you also like to integrate wellness and Ayurveda treatments where possible?

Do you prefer to get to know India and/or Bhutan, its landscapes and people? Would you like to gain insights into everyday life in India and impressions of its cultural diversity? Then choose a culture and nature trip. We select and combine various tour modules according to your interests and needs.
Would you like to combine the discoveries and cultural encounters of your tour with sporting activities? Then choose a trekking tour. We are pioneers in organizing hiking, trekking and cycling tours in Sikkim and the surrounding area and have our own trekking department with complete trekking equipment and trekking support team.
Would you like a tour on a special theme? For example, if you are particularly interested in Tibetan Buddhism, we can put together a Mystical Tour for you.
Or are you interested in the diverse world of birds and plants? Then we can offer you an Ornithological or Botanical Tour.


Travel planning procedure

We will advise you by email, telephone and, if you wish, face-to-face in person at a meeting.
We will also provide you with documents to prepare for your tour.

According to your specifications, we will discuss your tour with you and put together a travel proposal. If you agree with the travel proposal, you can register for it. We will send you a registration form and, if necessary, additional forms for obtaining special permits. Send these to us by email scan attachment or by snail mail – together with a copy of your passport. You will then receive an invoice from us.
Your tour will be confirmed as soon as we have received your registration form and your deposit.
In due course, you will receive instructions from us on how to obtain your visa (for Bhutan, we take care of the visa) and how to prepare for your trip, the hotel and contact list and, depending on the tour, hotel and transport vouchers as well as flight tickets, if applicable.

Our services:

  • On request with domestic flights according to your time slot.

  • Vehicles adapted to the travel region with an experienced chauffeur

  • Select hotels and accommodation with meals according to the itinerary

  • Competent, English-speaking local tour guides – also German-speaking on request

  • Daily quality check by our office

  • Documents to prepare for your tour

  • Special permits required to visit certain regions, for trekking and expeditions


  • How to obtain your visa easily

  • Information on travel preparations with tips on how to behave

  • Literature list

  • Packing list

  • Hotel & contact list | Nordostinidien und Sikkim Reisen - Bild zu Travel planning | Nordostinidien und Sikkim Reisen - Bild zu Travel planning

Quality check during your tour

To ensure that you have a pleasant, relaxed and smooth tour experience, our local and Swiss back-up team will take care of the organization and logistics during your trip. To ensure top organization of your tour, we are in daily contact with your guide, chauffeur, the hotels involved and partner agencies.

If you have any questions en route, your guide and our local and Swiss back-up team will be there for you.

Your feedback is very important to us

Thanks to hundreds of customer feedback and ongoing personal reviews on site, we are able to optimize our tours for you and adapt them if necessary. When selecting and considering hotels, accommodation, drivers, guides and itineraries, we draw on our own experience and, in particular, the feedback from our customers.

We look forward to your feedback. We deliberately do not use a set format and welcome your feedback by email or telephone.