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The highest mountains

Mountains of Sikkim

Day hikes, trekking, expeditions

From easy routes at altitudes around 1,200 to 2,500 above sea level to challenging tours at high altitudes up to 5,000 above sea level

The third highest mountain in the world, Mt. Khangchendzonga (8,686 m) towers majestically in the northwest of Sikkim. It is surrounded by the mighty Mt. Kabru (7,338 m), Mt. Pandim (6,691 m) and Siniolchu (6,888 m). Its Tibetan name means “the five treasures of the great snow” and is an allusion to the Sikkimese belief that the mountain is the holder of the five sacred elements that are essential for life: Minerals, grains, salt, protection and sacred scriptures. Mt. Kahngchendzonga is worshipped by the Bhutias and Lepchas all over Sikkim. This is why climbing Mt. Khangchedzonga and other snow giants that are considered very sacred is not permitted in Sikkim.

You can get close to these mountain giants on various trekking routes (1,200 m to approx. 4,900 m above sea level). In Sikkim there are more than ten mountains over 6,000 m. Most of the peaks open for climbing are between 5,800 and 6,000 meters. Below you will find an overview of our extensive range of day hikes, treks & expeditions.

Description level of difficultyLocationHeight from – to maxWalking time per dayType of accommodationShort description
Hike: easySikkim village & nature hikes
Sikkim East, West, South & North
1,800 – max. 4,000 m1 – 6 hoursEasy lodges, farmhouse, house-guest (homestay)Insights into the country & people through hikes through cultivated landscapes, fields, cardamom plantations. Meet the village communities, farmers, housewives and school children
TREKKING up to approx. 3,600 m
Day hike: easy to moderateSacred Lepcha Mountain Tendong Sikkim South2,100 –
2,690 m
One day,
5 hrs
Home-guest (homestay) or easier lodgesTrek through lush green, species-rich jungle to Tendong Peak, the ‘Mountain of the Elevated Horn’. Legend has it that the earth was flooded in the great flood and the horn miraculously rose up to save the people. The mountain was also a popular meditation spot for lamas. At the summit, you are rewarded with a magnificent view of Mt. Khanchendzonga, the Chola peak, the Singelila ridge and the flatlands of West Bengal.
Day hike or trekking: moderateSacred Caves
Sikkim South & West
1,850 – 2,900 m1 – 3 daysTent, lodge or house guest (homestay)Whether you practice Tibetan Buddhism or are just interested in visiting the mystical caves of Sikkim: Benefit from our experience. Of the four most important sacred caves, two can only be reached by trekking for two to three days. On request, we can organize not only the trekking but also the accompaniment of a lama.
Day hike: easy to moderateMaenam Wildlife Sanctuary
Sikkim South
2,200 m – 3,200 m1 – 2 days,
8 – 5 hrs
House guest (homestay), lodge or tentIn clear weather conditions, the Maenam summit offers a fantastic 360° panoramic view: from Mt. Khangchendzonga to the mountain ranges of northern Sikkim and Bhutan to the plains of West Bengal. With a bit of luck, you may encounter rare mammals & pheasants here. The trek first leads through a jungle overgrown with mosses, ferns, orchids and creepers, with rhododendrons, magnolias and bamboo. Finally, you leave the jungle and tackle the last section to the summit through meadows and heathland.
Trekking: easy to moderateRhododendron Trekking Sikkim West2,200 m –
3,600 m
2 – 5 daysTentSpecies-rich oak & rhododendron forests, heaths and moors. Daily view of Mt. Khangchendzonga from the tent! High altitude trail-like route at moderate altitude, little risk of altitude sickness.
Trekking: easyDzongu – Tholung – Kishongla Sikkim Nod1,900 m – 2,900 m – 4,700 m4 – 8 daysEasy lodge, tentIn the heartland of the Lepchas, the indigenous people of Sikkim, you trek here on a well-developed hiking trail through untouched, species-rich jungle, past dozens of waterfalls and mystical springs to a lonely monastery on Alp Tholung. Optionally extend your trek to the Kishongla Pass with views of the sacred Kishongla Lake.
TREKKING approx. 3,600 – approx. 4,800m
Trekking: moderateAlp Dzongri
Sikkim West
4,1004 – 5 daysLodge & tentView of Mt. Khangchendzonga on Alp Dzongri, above the tree line. Trek with our experienced trekking team from the subtropical forests to the alpine zone
moderateYumthang – Lachen Sikkim North4,7505 daysTentView the snow giants of North Sikkim and the Tibetan Plateau; trek from the thermal springs of the high valley of Yumthang through fir forests to a yak alp and further on a remote route with rich alpine flora & fauna to the thermal springs of Lachen.
TREKKING up to approx. 5,500 m
Trekking: moderate to challengingGöchela / Khangchendzonga Sikkim West4,950 m8 – 14 daysTent, lodges, mountain hutsSikkim’s classic trekking route in Khangchendzonga National Park. Direct view of Mt. Khangchendzonga on the Göchela Pass. Hike from the subtropical to the alpine zone. On request, we can integrate detours to Lam Pokhri Lake, the Rathong Glacier or organize the trekking as a round trip that ends at the village of Labdang. Benefit from our experienced trekking team on site.
Trekking: challengingSingelela – Göchela Sikkim West4,950 m11 or 13 daysTentRemote, less frequented route to Dzongri or Goechela with an average altitude of around 4,300 m.
Untouched alpine vegetation and remote mountain lakes with views of the Himalayas of eastern Nepal and Sikkim.
Trekking: moderateGreenlake Sikkim North4,950 m8 – 11 daysTentTrekking in a remote side valley. From a vantage point you will be rewarded with fantastic views of the Zemu Glacier and the surrounding mountains of North Sikkim. Depending on the situation of the authorities responsible for issuing permits, a tour via the nomadic village of Muguthang is also possible.
Mountaineering & EXPEDITIONS over 5,600 m
Summit ascent: moderate to challenging, technically not demandingMt. Chogyal Sikkim West5,830 m13 – 14 daysTentYou can expect views of Mt. Koktang (6,147 m), Mt. Ratong (6,679 m) and Mt. Makalu (8,463 m) in Nepal, the fifth highest mountain in the world. On the way, you will also enjoy views of Mt Khangchendzonga. The ascent to the summit can be challenging with fresh snow, a slope of approx. 35° and loose scree on the summit. Registration required at least 6 months in advance
Summit ascent: challenging & technicalFrey’s Peak Sikkim West5,830 m12 daysTentPopular ‘practice mountain’ for the climbing training of the HMI (Himalayan Mountaineering Institute) in the Rathong glacier valley. Climbing sections mainly on rock, one small section before the summit over ice. The summit is rocky, steep and partly covered with ice. Registration required at least 6 months in advance
Summit ascent: challenging & technicalMt. Thinchenkhan
Mt. Jopuno Sikkim West
6,050 m
12 daysTentThe approach to both mountains follows the classic Goechela trekking route. The summit ascent is challenging due to the necessary, steep climbing sections over rock & ice. Registration at least 6 months in advance recommended
Summit ascent: moderate, technically not demandingMt. Brumkhangtse Sikkim North5,635 m7 – 9 daysTentThe ascent of this mountain in North Sikkim is one of the less demanding summit ascents in Sikkim. Registration required at least 6 months in advance
Summit ascent: Unknown – Pioneer summitMt. Lama Angden5,868About 10 daysTentPioneer summit from Lachen in North Sikkim – approved for ascent; logistically complex