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Tour guides and experts

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Tour guide

On our private tours, you will be accompanied by a competent, local, English-speaking tour guide. German-speaking or Swiss tour guides are also available on request and at an extra charge. Local, English-speaking or German-speaking tour guides are provided for our group trips.

Tours with our
local tour guides

Wherever necessary or desired, our customers are provided with local tour guides. Where usual – such as in the state of Rajasthan, India or Bhutan – our tour guides are state-certified and have the relevant expertise.

In other, less touristy areas, our tour guides are carefully selected. We have been working with most of our local guides for years – they have extensive experience of our customers’ requirements and, thanks to their local contacts and knowledge, are able to provide our guests with a deep insight into the country and its people.

Off the beaten track and off the main roads, they will take you on footpaths to the villages and give you an insight into the smallholder heritage.

Our guides respond to the wishes of our customers; they do not impose themselves and give the guests their freedom; they take care to make the tour balanced, respond to special requests of the guests where possible, enable encounters with the local population, explain the cultural peculiarities and make you as a guest feel well looked after and comfortable in the host destination.

Our local tour guides will also check your hotel room/accommodation and take care of any problems in the event of discrepancies. Above all, our tour guides are passionate about what they do and look forward to introducing you to their home country.

Tours with our experts

Our experts offer their services for tours with German-speaking Swiss tour guides and for themed trekking tours.


Tseten Norbu Bhutia is responsible for hiking and trekking expeditions. He was born in a remote, picturesque mountain village in the Sikkim Himalayas. From the age of 11, Tseten accompanied his grandfather on extensive hikes in the fascinating mountain world around the third highest mountain in the world, Mt. Khangchendzonga.

The mystical stories and legends about yeti sightings, the teachings of Buddhism and the Lepcha indigenous people’s teachings about the interconnectedness of all life gave him a deep sense of respect for nature and its forces.

Tseten takes care of our trekking expedition equipment, provides updates on changing routes and weather conditions in the mountains – and maintains excellent relationships with the local porters, cooks, nurses, doctors and authorities, and has many years of experience as a tour & trekking guide and tour coordinator.

His main concern is to provide excellent trekking experiences for our guests. He ensures top organization, a cooperative team spirit and countless interesting encounters with the local population. Tseten holds a Masters degree in History from the University of North Bengal. Tseten speaks English, Bhutia, Lepcha, Nepali and Hindi.

Mystical journeys

The Himalayas have been attracting mystical seekers for thousands of years, because there is no other place in the world where you are as close to heaven as here. 
On the one hand, of course, this applies to the very profane geographical altitude, but above all in a figurative sense: nowhere else in the world are there so many holy places created by nature and man, mountains, springs and rivers, lakes, caves, temples and monasteries that are revered as sacred.
There is hardly a place in the magnificent mountain world that does not have a history worthy of veneration.

Our mystical tours are aimed at people who are looking for an awakening experience, who want to experience a change and enrich the yearningly unfulfilled part of the soul and discover it as a source of happiness and serenity for the hectic pace of everyday life. Let us take you on a mystical tour to sacred places in the Himalayas, which touch anyone who visits them with an open heart with their magic – according to the legends.

Have you already delved deeper into the Buddhist culture of the Himalayas? Our expert pilgrimage guides will lead you to meditate at places of power, in caves or monasteries and other sacred pilgrimage sites and build bridges to qualified masters from whom you can receive teachings. The animistic religions of the mountain peoples, who used to roam as hunters and gatherers, have always regarded extraordinary natural spectacles such as waterfalls, hot springs, particularly old trees and the like as sacred.

In addition to sacred places and sites in nature, the countless sacred buildings should of course also be mentioned: all the temples, monasteries and Buddhist shrines (chortens) that, unlike in Tibet, have escaped destruction in the Indian and Nepalese Himalayas. Many of them are centuries, if not millennia old. All of these places exude an unforgettable magic that leaves no one untouched and directs the gaze inwards – away from the stress and cool practicality of everyday Western life.

The Hindus practically always built their temples in places where something extraordinary, magical or mystical once happened. Each temple tells its own story – how one of the many Hindu gods performed or continues to perform a special miracle at this place. Buddhist shrines usually refer to historical figures who meditated in special places, often caves. It is believed that these places were particularly blessed by their presence and therefore have healing powers. Among many others, the yogi Milarepa and guru Padmasambhava deserve special mention here. The latter left footprints and handprints in rocks in the eastern Himalayas, which are still revered today.

We can integrate meetings with shamans, Buddhist lamas or Hindu priests into your tour, arrange health resorts/retreats in India, include an ashram visit in Rishikehs or elsewhere in India. Tour in the company of an expert – this can be an academic or a lama – and have an audience with rimpocheys or tulkus, the teachers of Tibetan Buddhism, or with a guru, the teacher of Vedic teachings. We take you to places of power and pilgrimage sites and tell you the stories of the places. True to our philosophy, we want to build bridges and open doors. Walk through them!

Miscellaneous tours

Botanical ornithological tours
On request, we can provide you with local botanical or ornithological experts. They will guide you to the interesting hot spots and enable you to make exciting observations.

Mystical tours
Our mystical tours are aimed primarily at people who are looking for a spiritual awakening experience but don’t know where or how to find it. Together with experts – lamas (monks), nuns, shamans or other experts – we take you to places of power and tell you their stories. True to our philosophy, we try to build bridges and open doors. You have to go through them yourself…

Bike & MTB tours
In the state of West Bengal and Sikkim, we are pioneers in the field of bike tours.