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different vegetation zones

The mountains of Assam

Mountains and trekking

Extensive hikes and a wide variety of animal observations

Assam’s landscapes invite you to go on extended hikes through the various vegetation zones and allow you to observe a wide variety of animals. The rather small differences in altitude mean that trekking is also suitable for vacationers with less stamina.

Physical challenge Name and area of the trek Maximum altitude Duration Type of accommodation Notes/description
Easy to moderate Village and nature hikes, Kaziranga National Park 100 m 5 hours Lodge Trek through an area of the Khasi Renga National Park and discover the exuberant nature
Easy to moderate Nameri National Park jungle hike 120 m 5 hours Tent camp Insights into the pristine nature of Assam and the diverse birdlife. Face-to-face encounters with the Mithun, the large Indian cattle Bos Gaurus, are likely
easy to moderate Manas National Park 120 m 4 hours Lodge A wide variety of animals can be found at the salt and mineral lick
Easy to moderate Nature hike in the Joypore rainforest 100 m 6 hours Lodge, guesthouse A wonderful trek for plant lovers with many wild and rare orchid species and exuberant nature