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Important festivals

Festivals of Meghalaya

Festival calendar of Meghalaya

Traditional festivals of the indigenous peoples

As the majority of Meghalaya’s population is Christian, the holidays known from Europe are celebrated in a similar way here. Hindu celebrations also take place according to the lunar calendar. A special feature, however, are certainly the traditional festivals of the indigenous peoples, which are only partially accessible to visitors. We would be happy to personally discuss which festivals are particularly attractive and fall within your travel time window!

Dates*Festival NameDescription
Mid-JulyBehdienkhlam FestivalCelebrated by the Jaintia tribe and can be visited in Jowai
Mid-NovemberNongkrem Dance FestivalCelebrated by the Khasi tribe and can be visited in the village of Smit near Shillong
Mid-NovemberWangala Dance FestivalCelebrated by the Garo tribe and can best be visited in the village of Asananggre not far from Tura in the Garo hills
November 23Seng Kut Snem FestivalCelebrated by the Khasi tribe
*We will be happy to inform you of the confirmed festival dates when planning your tour.