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Unspoiled landscapes

The mountains of Nagaland

Mountains and trekking

Impressively beautiful waterfalls

Trekking in Nagaland offers breathtaking views of mountain and river landscapes, lakes and enriching encounters with the mountain people. Everywhere one comes across caves, which are rarely explored, towering monoliths and sacred places. Interesting rock formations, sparkling springs, a kaleidoscope of exotic flowers such as orchids and multi-colored rhododendrons characterize the landscape. To date, only a few guests have discovered the beauty of Nagaland on foot. Trekking and summit ascents (2,500 to 3,841 m above sea level) have a pioneering character and are suitable for all those who are looking for a travel experience away from the usual tourist routes. You can also take a tour through the botanically diverse “Valley of Flowers” or climb the 2,600-metre-high Glory Peak in the Mon district, which offers majestic views of Mount Everest and Mount Sarmati. An unforgettable experience awaits you in Nagaland’s mountain world in an area that has hardly been touched by tourism. The pleasant climate also offers ideal conditions for bike enthusiasts.

Physical challengeName and area of the trekMaximum altitudeDurationType of accommodationNotes/description
easyVillage and nature hikes1,000 – 2,500 meters1-6 hoursHomestay/ mountain hut/ tentGet an insight into the secluded life and work in the countryside amidst the mountains of Nagaland
Trekking up to 3,600 m
easy to moderateMt. Saramatiby/ Burmese border in the Kiphire district3,841 meters2 daysTent/ homestay/ mountain hutsVisit villages of the Sangtam, Yimchunger and Sema tribes
easy to moderateMt. Veda/ Mon District2,600 meters1 dayMountain hutThe trek starts in Tchenmohuvill, with views of the mighty Brahmaputra to the north and Myanmar to the east
easy to moderateDzukou Valley Trekking/ Kohima District2,400 meters3 daysHomestay/ mountain hutFrom a distance, the Dzukou Valley looks like a manicured golf course, overgrown with miniature bamboo and wild flowers
easy to moderateMt. Pauna/ Peren District2,050 meters1 dayMountain hutOn this trek you will discover pristine nature; you will cross a forest interspersed with aromatic herbs and interesting medicinal plants
easy to moderateMt. Kepamadzu/ Thetsumi/ Pfusero District2,300 meters1 dayHomestay/ mountain hutOn the border to the state of Manipur you will cross beautiful rhododendron forest and various indigenous villages