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Bhutan hiking tour | Nordostinidien und Sikkim Reisen - Bild zu Bhutan hiking tour

Tour description

The small mountainous region between northeast India and Tibet retains its very own culture with its original Buddhist traditions, despite the increasing openness to modern influences in recent years. The region’s broad natural and biodiversity is also protected in a uniquely successful way. Two thirds of the country is still forested, and these forests are managed exclusively in an ecologically sustainable manner. A quarter of the national territory is also under special nature protection, and energy is generated exclusively by state-of-the-art hydropower plants.

What some Western economists regard as “backward” due to the relatively low per capita income is enshrined in the constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan as Gross National Happiness, measuring the collective happiness and well-being. This places the preservation of nature and the satisfaction of the inhabitants above economic growth. A state that we Europeans can hardly imagine – but which touches an inner longing in many people and makes the “Land of the Thunder Dragon” an increasingly desirable travel destination. Personal connections that we have make it possible for us to show you not only the important sights but also the genuine Bhutan off the beaten track and take you into the real life of the local people.

Visit Buddhist monasteries with us in the midst of pristine, mystical forests and let yourself be enchanted by the legends surrounding these and other sacred places. Surrounded by secluded lakes, the air seems to vibrate with energy and the true recognition of the unity of all life anchored in Buddhism takes hold of our hearts. Many of the steep climbs will reward you with breathtaking panoramic views over dark green valleys and mighty, snow-capped Himalayan peaks, a panoramas that have remained unchanged for centuries. Complement your Bhutan vacation with this travel module to gain unique, in-depth insights into the country and strengthen your personal bridge to Bhutan in the long term.

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  • Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest) near Paro
  • Chumphu Monastery with floating Buddha statue
  • Thimphu & Punakha as well as monasteries and ither gems in the surrounding area
  • Hikes through untouched nature
  • Visit places little known to tourists
  • Meet the locals | Nordostinidien und Sikkim Reisen - Bild zu Bhutan hiking tour


  • Day 1: Arrival in Paro, visit to Taktsang Monastery. Overnight stay in hotel.
  • Day 2: Chumbu Monastery, Paro. Overnight stay at hotel.
  • Day 3: Continue to Thimphu, visit Phajoding Monastery. Overnight stay in hotel.
  • Day 4: Visit to Lungchutse Monastery. Continue to Punakha. Overnight stay in hotel.
  • Day 5: Sightseeing in Punakha, hike to Khamsum Chorten. Overnight stay at hotel.
  • Day 6: Forest hike to Lake Hokotsho, onward journey to Thimphu. Overnight stay in hotel.
  • Day 7: Sightseeing in Thimphu, onward journey to Paro. Overnight stay in hotel.
  • Day 8: Departure or onward journey

This trip can be ideally combined with additional tour days in central Bhutan or with a trekking trip.

Best time to travel

The spring and fall months are ideal for a vacation in Bhutan. In March and April, nature awakens and colorful blossoms cover the meadows and forests, and seeds are sown in the fields. In autumn, from October to early December, the weather is ideal for a trekking vacation and hikes in Bhutan. Those interested in culture are particularly drawn to the months of April, September and October, as this is when the majority of local festivals take place.

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