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Planning your Journey

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Private or Group-Travel?

We organize both group- as well as private/individual journeys. Our group-tours are organized in collaboration with western travel agencies. Please find the overview of our upcoming group-travels here: Dates Group Travel
If you are interested in joining a group please contact us in any case: Besides the published tours we often have additional ones that are not published here.

Whether you are looking to join a group or prefer to travel individually – you can count on our professionalism: We continually review our services on site; for Helen India is her second home and she has been living there for over 12 years – as a tour-participant you benefit from her local experience.

Private Journeys:

For your private journey, we design a travel-program that fully takes into consideration your preferences and needs. To achieve this we communicate closely with you - by email or phone.
Check out our selection of travel-modules to help you decide on what regions you want to include in your journey as well as what type of tour you may be looking for. Besides the published travel-modules here we also offer a large variety of additional destinations all over India, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet and Myanmar.

A private tour has many advantages:

  • Flexibility: You determine the duration and date of travel; we can also assist you if you are in need of special requirements for your tour.
  • Private tour-guides: You will be accompanied by our local, English-speaking guides who takes into consideration your personal wishes. Depending on your requirements we also provide expert-guides on themes that are of special interest to you (Buddhism, ornithology, botany, shamanism, Hinduism).
  • Private vehicle with chauffeur: Travel with your own private vehicle and stop along the way for tea-breaks, fotos, shopping or sightseeing as per your desire.
  • Private Travel: travel exclusively alone or together with people you know
  • Guaranteed departures: If you go for a private tour you don’t have to hope for the minimum number of participants to be achieved as is sometimes the case with group-travel.

Travel-Theme, Travel-Focus

When planning your private tour it is best that you first decide your preferred mode of travel.
Do you prefer to travel without any hustle and bustle and enjoy idyllic, natural and quiet places? Are culinary delights and wellness- or Ayurveda-options important to you? When designing your tour-itinerary we will keep certainly plan in accordance with "less is more" and slow down the travel-pace for you. Terralaya-Link: • Tea & Muse

Are you keen to gain deep insights into local life and impressions about the cultural diversity of your destination? You don’t mind compromising facilities and accommodation for deeper insights into the way of life in remote areas? And is interaction with the people what you are looking for?
Keeping this in mind, we will plan your travel. Terralaya-Links: • Himalayan HomestayCultural Journeys

Would you like to combine discoveries and cultural encounters with physical activity? Then – as per your desire - we shall integrate village-walks, hikes, treks, river rafting or even bicycle/MTB-tours.
We are pioneers in organizing of hiking and trekking and tours and we have our own support-team and a completely equipped trekking-department. Terralaya-Links: • Trekking & HikingMountaineering & ExpeditionsBicycle & MTB

Do you wish to travel with a focus on a specific subject? For example, if you are especially interested in Tibetan Buddhism a mystic or pilgrimage tour may be the right choice for you. Terralaya-Link: • Mythical TravelsPilgrimages

Similarly, if your personal interest is in bird-watching or botany we make sure to integrate hot-spots and expert-guides. Terralaya-Links: • Botanical Journeys • Birdwatching Journeys •

Our Services

  • on request domestic flights according to your time frame and itinerary
  • private vehicles with chauffeur; the choice of vehicle depends on your destination; commonly used are Toyota Innovas and Scorpios – equipped with AC in warm regions.
  • selected hotels and accommodations that reflect the local culture
  • meal-plan as specified in itinerary
  • competent , English-speaking, local guides; depending on itinerary we also provide expert-guides
  • cultural programs or interactive activities as per itinerary
  • daily quality check by our office in India; 24-hr hotline for emergencies
  • documents to help prepare for your trip
  • special permits required to visit certain regions and for trekking and expeditions

How to plan your trip

Please contact us by email, send us our query-form or contact us by phone

  • According to your requirements we assist you in planning your tour.
  • Once you are fine with the proposed itinerary you register for it by filling out our registration-form. In case your tour includes the visit of protected areas, national parks or trekking we will also require you to fill out additional forms to obtain the necessary permits in time.
  • Upon reception of your registration-form we send you our invoice.
  • As soon as your advance-payment has been received your tour is confirmed.
  • In due course you will receive various instructions from us to help prepare your travel.

How to prepare yourself for the journey?

We will advise you by email, Skype, phone and on request in person.
In addition, you shall receive information from us to help prepare your travel such as

  • instructions for obtaining your visa and permits requiring special authorization
  • guidelines on travel-preparation, behavior, health and vaccinations
  • packing-list
  • hotel- & contact-list

Quality-check during your trip

To ensure that you can relax and fully your enjoy travel our back-up team works hard to assure smooth logistics and communication with all service-providers during your entire tour. Daily communication between our back-up-team and your guide, hotel/accommodation and driver is standard practice in order to assure smooth travel.

We also request our guests to come forward with any concerns or complaints as soon as they arise by communicating with the tour-guide or the back-up-office directly. This way we are provided the chance to promptly rectify and find a solution for your satisfaction.

Your feedback is very important to us

Thanks to hundreds of customer feedback and ongoing personal review of routes, accommodations, vehicles, chauffeurs and guides we are able to design a tour for you that is in line with your requirements. When choosing service-partners we take into consideration our own experiences as well as the feedback of our guests.

We look forward to your feedback. We deliberately refrain from a predetermined feedback-format - and instead look forward to your feedback by email or phone. For a selection of customer-references please click here. Terralaya-Link: • Credentials

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