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Guides & Experts

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During private trips you will be accompanied by our competent, local, English speaking guides for the sightseeing as per itinerary. On request we can also provide a single guide to accompany you from the beginning till the end of your journey. In case of group travel the accompanying guide is generally the same from beginning till end. For more information on upcoming group travel check under Dates Group Travel

Travel with our local tour guides

Wherever necessary or desirable, our customers receive local guides to facilitate the tour, assist and translate. Our guides are state-certified wherever this practice is established such as the Indian state of Rajasthan or Bhutan. In other less touristy areas such as Northeastern India our guides are carefully selected and often have been collaborating with us for many years. They have extensive experience with the expectations of our customers and are in a position to provide deep insights into your travel destination and its people through their local upbringing, contacts and knowledge.

Our guides are trained to respond to the wishes of our guests without imposing; they allow for space if desired and offer to facilitate the tour in a well-balanced way. If desired, they consider our guest’s special interests, facilitate interaction with the local population, explain cultural peculiarities and it it their aim to make you as our guest feel comfortable and in good hands in the destination of your choice.

Your accommodation is also checked if necessary by our guides and in case of problems they assist in solving. Above all, our guides have a passion for their work and look forward to bring you closer to their home.

Travel with our experts

In case of tours with a special focus or theme-travels our experts offer their services to you – either throughout the tour or on given days as per your private-itinerary:


Tseten Norbu Bhutia is in charge of Trekking & Expeditions. He was born in a secluded, picturesque mountain village in the Sikkim Himalayas. At the age of 11 Tseten accompanied his grandfather as he roamed the fascinating mountain worlds at the base of the world’s third highest mountain, Mt. Khangchendzonga. The mystical and legendary stories of Yeti sightings, the teachings of Buddhism and the teachings of the Lepcha indigenous people about the interconnectedness of all life have given him a deep sense of respect for nature and its forces. Tseten cares about our trekking and expedition equipment, provides updates on altered routes or weather conditions in the mountains - and maintains excellent relationships with local porters, herdsmen, trekking-cooks, nurses, doctors and authorities.

He has many years of experience as a tour & trekking guide and manages Yetilaya Travels as well as any treks within Sikkim. His main concern is to offer an excellent trekking experience to our guests. He is talented in top-organization of logistics and back-up and facilitates interaction with the local population. Tseten has a MA in History from the University of North Bengal. He speaks English, Bhutia, Lepcha, Nepali and Hindi. Link for more information on trekking: www.yetilaya.com


Our expeditions with summit-ascent are only organized in collaboration with a qualified and certified mountaineer who will be accompanied by our team of experienced Sherpas, a Trekking-guide and the common expedition-team consisting of cook, cook’s helper, porter and carriage-animals. In collaboration with Swiss mountaineers we have successfully organized various expeditions. Art Furrer, the Swiss Ski-acrobat, mountaineer, hotel-owner and showman along with his wife took part in our expeditions to remote Himalayan worlds repeatedly.

Botany & Ornithology

On request we provide you with local botanical or ornithological experts. They will guide take into consideration your special interest and show you most interesting hot spots to enable you make unforgettable observations.

Mythical Journeys

Our mystical trips are aimed primarily at people who are looking for a spiritual awakening experience. We connect you with experts - lamas (monks), nuns, shamans or other experts – and visit powerful, sacred places. If desired ceremonies and meditation practices are also integrated into your mythical journey-experience. Terralaya Link: Mystic Journeys

Bicycle - & MTB

In the Indian states of West Bengal, district Darjeeling and Sikkim we are pioneers in the field of bicycle-tours. Other popular destinations for bicycling are Bhutan as well as Ladakh in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. If you are interested in a pioneer-tour we can also recommend various areas in India’s North-East. Bicycling-tours usually last for a week or two and are always accompanied by a pick-up truck and a standard vehicle. Tour-participants bring along their own bicycles while we provide all required information prior to the tour. Terralaya-link: Bicycle- & MTB

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