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Travel Diary Sikkim Cultural Tour October 2014

For your reference please find below a selection of feed-back received from our guests:

Sikkim Bhutan- & Sikkim Tour, October 2013
“...I have been very intrigued by Bhutan and especially Sikkim and I felt sad to leave the region after 10 days. Our guide mastered the entire group very well. He was devoted and in his honest and sensitive way managed to always satisfy everyone. A big compliment as well to the smooth organization and the unique places we got to see and stay. I hope to come back!...”
E.B. (participant of a group of 12)

Sikkim Tour, May 2013

“We are back and we all had a great time...you are master planners – we have benefited immensely because of your knowledge, experience and impeccable planning! Thank you!“
J.B., India (participant of a group of 19 participants)

Ladakh Cultural Tour with Trekking and Delhi Sightseeing, March 2013

"...it was great. Once again a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for your organization. Everything has worked out fine. The guide was always there for me with full attention.  The two treks were great. The host families (homestays) were all awesome. All accommodations were perfect. I always immediately felt comfortable and secure. The food was also always excellent.  As desired, I even had the opportunity to help in cooking and gardening.  This was an experience that I would not have wanted to miss! We also spent an evening and a morning at school, it was awesome. I could witness and participate in everything. Even the weather was great during the entire time with heavy snow only once – otherwise dry. The trip to the Nubra Valley was also very impressive . Again, I had a very nice host family (homestay-like guesthouse).  I don’t regret having visited Ladakh at this time of the year: though nothing was green as of yet – there was not a single tourist around besides me which was fantastic.  This way I also had enough time and plenty of great interaction with the locals. I was able to observe nature as evolved and by the end of the trip the fields were being ploughed and the apricot-trees were beginning to bloom. Every season probably has its peculiarities.

And now regarding the walking tour with street-children of Delhi at the end of my journey: It was a great experience for me – after having seen all important points of interest during previous trips to Delhi. I can highly recommend it – though it is probably not suitable for all kinds of guests.
The ‚guides‘ do an excellent job of really providing authentic insights into their life and the good work of an NGO that is providing help to help themselves. I have seen and experienced a lot so far all over the world – but to interact with these young people, to play and learn with them – it was something extra-special. Thanks for making this experience possible.

Now I am back, at home, in wealth and luxury. It was a journey that has shaped me and that has opened my as well. I always take back so much from such journeys and I look forward to my next trip with you for sure!”
V.P., Germany (Private Journey)

Sikkim Round Trip, Autumn 2012

“...Unfortunately, it has already been some time since our tour to Sikkim...it was just awesome!! You have put together a beautiful journey for us! Exactly to our taste.
The accommodations were all very well and good! Yes, and our companions were the best – our driver and guide! A brilliant team! No more words needed! Very attentive, knowledgeable, funny, friendly ...and Bona is an excellent driver on these at times adventurous! We were previously in Rajasthan with a taxi driver on the road ... what can I say ... like night and day ...
We can only recommend a trip with Terralaya! Thank you so much again for everything!"
A. W. & T., Switzerland (Private Journey)

Sikkim Round Trip, October  2012 

"...We thank you for the great organization of our eventful Sikkim trip and want to convey our special thanks and praise to the ‚dream-team‘ (chauffeur and guide).
The friendly relationship between the two and also the warm and very polite interaction with us deeply impressed us. We benefited a lot from the guide’s profound knowledge about tradition, way of life and culture of the former Kingdom of Sikkim. And the chauffeur mastered the roads confidently and without any hassle. We felt safe and comfortable in his car. Our stay in the homestay in Sikkim was a top experience! The host showed us around the village and allowed us to gain very deep and close insights into the life of the Lepchas...”
C.  & B.D., Switzerland (Private Journey)

Darjeeling- & Sikkim Teagarden-Travel Group with Globotrek, November 2013
“…absolutely amazing – in every way, thanks to the great local connections. The trip was unique,  beautiful and a pleasure. Very balanced itinerary and relaxing, despite the long journeys. Highly recommended!...“
“... we enjoyed a super-great trip, the group was very professionally run! And the journey was organized in such a way so it was easy for us to simply enjoy! Congratulations to the tour-guide!“
Group-members, Switzerland

Bhutan- & Sikkim Travel-Group with Globotrek, October 2012 

"…competent and linguistically proficient guides…"
"…an exciting, versatile and rich itinerary..."
"…excellent and dedicated, local guide…"
"…specially selected accommodation with exciting homestays…“
"…confident, young, well-trained tour-guides…"
"…just keep it up – will probably book more trips with your excellent organization: country, culture, customs of the people could all be witnessed first-hand“
"... Everything was well organized, accommodation good, harmonious small group, perfect weather, guides knowledgeable, friendly and kind..."
"... Everything was perfect, from the accommodation to the driver to the guide..."
“...very nice, attentive and helpful people and three weeks of beautiful weather!"
Group tour with Globotrek: Switzerland / Italy / Germany

Tibet & Nepal, Spring 2011
"…it was an excellent trip. The Tibetans with their cheerful way! The day we travelled to the Everest Base Camp we were incredibly lucky with the weather: it was totally clear! The tour guide was very good.”
R.F., Hong Kong (Private Journey)

India, Darjeeling, Trekking-Tour, Autumn 2012
"…the trek was the highlight of our trip. We were completely satisfied. Particularly our guide was very friendly, helpful and always in a good mood.  Thanks to his fluent English he was in a position to inform us about the area, its people and environment. Food was fantastic and we will forever remember – we believe that we had the best cook along on our trek. Even weather-wise we were lucky...”
C.V., Switzerland (Private Journey)

India, Rajasthan, Tiger Tour, Summer, 2011

"…It was a great trip that we enjoyed very much. The tour guide took care of us so well. Unbelievable how well he did his job! Whatever we have seen and experienced surpasses all our expectations. It was just great! Tigers are such beautiful animals. Thank you for the excellent organization!“
B.B., Switzerland (Private Journey)

Northeast-India Roundtrip with Arunachal Pradesh, Assam & Nagaland, Autumn 2011
"...I would do this trip again immediately with the same accommodations. Considering the remoteness of this region on earth – it was perfect for me. I expected even less comfort and cleanliness. Though everything was at times very basic – it was very good measured by the local standard in my opinion! Here one cannot judge by the same standard as in the developed world! And you have pointed this prior to the trip and prior to my registration.”
V.P., Germany (Private Journey)

India, Ladakh Cultural Tour, Summer 2011
"…We really enjoyed the tour. The scenery is very beautiful, especially Ladakh’s lakes and the glaciers in Zanskar. We also tolerated the height very well and were lucky weather-wise too! It was mostly sunny with temperatures up to 95° F and every now and then a few raindrops. At lake Tso Moriri , 15’000 ft we experienced some rain at 40° C…"
B.H., Switzerland (Private Journey)

India, Sikkim Mt. Chogyal (19’100 ft) Expedition, October 2008

„The entire trip was a great success. Thank you very much for your organization and the contributions of the entire team. There is not a single point that did not work out 100 %. I want to thank you and the entire team once again on behalf of all participants.”
Bruno Jelk, Zermatt, Switzerland (Group Travel with Art Furrer) 

India, Sikkim Cultural Tour, February 2012

"I very much enjoyed the stay at Bamboo Retreat. Your team is very pleasant and the guid was excellent and very helpful. The driver was also fantastic. Thanks for the short-term organization of this trip.”
Amit, India  (Private Journey)

Nepal, Autumn 2011
"In short: It was very beautiful“
T. & L. C., Switzerland (Private Journey)

India, Ladakh Trekking Tour, Autumn 2004
"...it was very, very beautiful in Ladakh. Just wanted to inform you quickly that everything worked out perfectly and that the way people of Ladakh took care of me was touching. Thank you very much for organizing this Ladakh-trip for me.” 
U.K., Switzerland (Private Journey)

India, Sikkim Bicycling Tour, Autumn 2004
"Sikkim was absolutely brilliant! Brilliant country, brilliant bike-tours, brilliant tour-guide, brilliant organization, brilliant weather and brilliant food!”
B.H., Germany (Group Bicycling Tour with Bike Adventure Tours)

Nordostindien Kulturreise (Arunachal Pradesh), Winter 2008

"Discovering Arunachal Pradesh was an unforgettable, enriching experience! We visited various tribal villages and were able to participate in their day-to-day life close-up.  Everywhere we were encountered selfless hospitality and a warm welcome. Our two guides quickly became our friends, always there for us and always good for surprises. The whole trip to this still authentic region and the Apatani-tribe will always have a special place in our hearts!  If one is willing to be satisfied with the local situation (almost no infrastructure) and is eager to engage in cultural experiences then such a trip is a great adventure offering surprises day by day! Many thanks to you all for the perfect planning of this trip!”
M. & L., Lugano/Switzerland (Private Journey)

India, Botanical- & Culutral Tour Himachal Pradesh, Summer 2006
"…end of a memorable trip to an area less frequented by tourists through fantastic landscapes, scenic beauty with steep valleys and narrow roads through canyons and past high passes covered with alpine flowers.  Our high expectations have been efficiently met thanks to our professional guide, her negotiating- and local language-skills. A spoiled globetrotter and nature-enthusiast (four trips to remote areas per year)."
O.S., Switzerland (Group Travel)

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