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Trekking Journey : Garwhal, Uttarakhand, India

• 19 days with two trekkings of 4 and 6 days • trek 3.5 – 5.5 hrs/day • easy – medium/challenging • 
• Trekking-trail, open terrain with scree and boulders, meadows, glaciers • 
• Overnights in tent: 9 x • max. altitude: 4’500 m (14’800 ft) • 
• Support-team: Trekking-Guide, Kitchen crew & porters/carriage animals (ponies/mules) •


The Garhwal Himalayas are bound by Tibet to the north, the Indian State of Himachal Pradesh to the west, Nepal to the east and the plains of the Ganges to the south. It is the land of sacred mountains, lakes, rivers, pilgrimage-places and is home to a variety of ethnic groups, with their individual traditions and languages.

Immerse yourself into this fantastic mountain world rich in peaks beyond 6000 m (19’700 ft) and support a responsible tourism that works closely with the local communities. 
Issues such as water scarcity, dwindling crop & fuel, food shortages, women's issues and malnutrition are being addressed throughout the state Uttarkhand and supported by local NGO's that offer training, platforms for discussions, teaching materials and village school visits. The aim is to encourage the population to find solutions to the problems of the local communities together.

The two treks into the Gangotri region are suitable for experienced trekkers who love nature and adventure.
The treks can be completed by any health person with trekking-experience.


  • The Hindu pilgrim cities of Rishikesh and Gangotri
  • The source of the Ganges
  • Fantastic mountain scenery with many peaks beyond 6000 m (19’700 ft)
  • Fabulous views of Gangotri Summit, 6577 - 6672 m (21’600 – 21’900 ft); Mt. Kalanag, 6387 m (20’950 ft), Mt Bandarpoonch -II, 6316 m (20’700 ft), Mt White Peak, 6102 m (20’000 ft), Mt Sri Kanta, 6132 m (20’100 ft), Mt Jaonli, 6632 m (21’750 ft), Mt. Draupadi Ka Danda, 5724 m (18’800 ft), Mt Shivling 6543 m (21’450 ft), Meru and Kedar Domes as well as Bhagirathi, Thaley Sagar, Sudarshan and Thelu
  • Glaciers, mountain streams, alpine himalayan flora & fauna
  • Chance to see blue sheep herds – they are a common sight in this region
  • Sadhus , yogis and pilgrims
  • Hill Station Mussourie


Day 1:  Arrival in Delhi. Sightseeing as per your interests. Overnight in hotel.

Day 2:  Onward journey by train to Rishikesh

Day 3 – 4:  Onward journey via Haridwar to the starting point of trek I

Day 5 – 8:  Dayara Bugyals Trekking

Day 9:  Transfer to the starting point of trek II

Day 10 - 15:  Gangotri to Tapovan trekking

Day 16 - 17:  Onward journey via Chamba to Mussourie

Day 18 - 19:  Overnight traiin to Delhi, arrival in Delhi on day 19


Best Time to Visit: April to June and mid-September to mid-November



  • Integrate only one trekking 
  • Ad Travel Module Delhi as per your choice
  • Include a trip to Amritsar


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