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Travel-Module: Sikkim Dzongu, India


Do you want to experience the homeland of Sikkim’s indigenous people in northern Sikkim? Are you interested to visit remote villages of the Lepchas, far away from the common tourist-tracks of North Sikkim?
We invite you to visit Dzongu, the heartland of the Lepchas in Sikkim with us. To enter the area you will require a special permit that we will organize for you.
Experience Dzongu’s distinct forest-covered hills, the magic of its virgin jungles rich in biodiversity and gain insights into the lifestyle of 

the mountain-folks. Walk with us from one tiny settlement to another, watch as the fields are getting ploughed by ox, as fire-wood and cow-fodder is being collected; interact with the people, visit a village-school, meet a shaman or take a walk to a gushing waterfall or an ancient place of worship. From one of our homestay-lodges you can even enjoy a great view onto Mt. Pandim (22’600 ft). During your stay enjoy simple, tasty local meals and stay overnight in a homestay or homestay-like lodge. Your accommodation will be basic and a local guide will take care of your needs, organize walks, explorations and interactions with the people.


  • Experience the original & natural lifestyle of the aborigines of Sikkim.
  • Interact with farmers, gatherers, hunters and on occasion even with the village shaman (male shaman = Bongthing; female shaman = Mun)
  • Enjoy enchanting landscapes, unspoiled jungles rich in bio-diversity and the warmth and hospitality of the people
  • View of Mt Pandim (22‘600 ft) or Mt. Khangchendzonga (28’150 ft)
  • Enjoy an authentic folk-dance (upon prior request)​


Day 1: Transfer from Travel Module “Sikkim East” or “Sikkim North” via Mangan to Dzongu
Day 2: Village-explorations and walks in Dzongu
Day 3: Transfer back to Gangtok/Rumtek and continue with our travel module "Sikkim West", "Darjeeling" or "Kalimpong".


Additional Options

  • Tholung-Trek, + 2 – 3 days: hike through virgin jungle to the alp of Tholung (8’200 ft). This lesser known easy trekking-route takes you on a well-developed trail through pristine, forests past rock cliffs to mystical waters and hot springs. Due to the virginity of the forest the area is home to a very large variety of bird species and is a delight to ornithologists.
  • Every three years the Buddhist Kamsel-ceremony is being held at Tholung monastery. Relicts stored at Tholung-monastery are aired and shown to the pilgrims by a Rimpoche. Kamsel-ceremony was carried out in November 2013 and is expected to take place again in 2016, 2019, 2022, etc. Contact us for confirmation of next date.​
  • Kishongla-Trek, + 4 – 6 days: From alp Tholung continue to trek towards North to reach pass Kishongla (15’400 ft). From here enjoy views onto the holy lake Kishong (‘ ft).
  • Lingthem-Trek, + 1 - 2 days: Visit with us the remote village of Lingthem (6200 ft). The rocky trail leads from the road (3200 ft) in the valley steep uphill through terraced rice fields and past small hamlets to the farm of our homestay in the village Lingthem. There is also a Buddhist Nyngma-monastery located in the same village.
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