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Traffic on Indian roads and its conditions can often not be compared with European standard. The road conditions can be very different. In the Indian urban plains trucks, buses, private cars, bicycles, rikshaws and even bullock carts and sacred cows dominate the picture. On the other hand in remote areas difficult road-conditions are sometimes a challenge. Areas close to dam-construction-sites are also frequented by heavy trucks and in all areas close to international borders army-convoys are a common sight. Though traffic-rules do exist – few motorists really stick to it. More often than not it is with hand-signs or indicator-language that traffic-participants communicate with each other. It is therefore important that your driver is local and well-experienced. In remote regions or on the outskirts of the big cities, road conditions vary greatly and depending on the chosen destination range from freshly renovated to roads with potholes or rocky dirt-roads. We choose your itinerary whenever possible in such a way so that difficult road-sections are circumvented and so that you travel during daylight as much as possible.

… Private Car…

Most of our trips take place in a private car with chauffeur. This way of travelling allows you great flexibility.

Our chauffeurs are absolute professionals and have been driving for us with peace and security for many years.

Depending on the country region, we provide different types of cars to make your trip as comfortable and safe as possible. Our first priority when choosing your vehicle type are your safety and comfort.

In some remote areas, the authorities demand additional permits for both vehicles and travelers. In some parts only selected types of local vehicles with special permits are allowed and for other regions due to the terrain and road-conditions a certain vehicle-type is better suited than another. For this reason your vehicle and chauffeur may be different from time to time.

Our standard vehicle for private trips of up to four participants ist he Toyota Innova. Here guests can enjoy a good view and have more space for their legs and luggage.

It is also one of the safest cars in the area. For groups either a Minibus (Tempo Traveller) or several Toyota Innovas will be used. Other suitable vehicles used depending on the destination and group-size are Scorpio, Travera, Xylo, Toyota Qualis, Tata Sumo, Tata Indigo, Boero, etc.


…Indian Railways…


With 63‘000 km Indian Railways belongs to the world’s biggest railways. More than 14’000 trains transport daily more than 14 million people. Travelling by Indian Railways can be an unforgettable worthwhile experience – provided the right type of train is booked for you ahead of time.

You may want to try a ride in one of India’s Mountain Railways such as Darjeeling’s Toy Train or experience one of India’s impressive luxury trains. We make sure that your seat-reservation in the right type of train and category is taken care of as early as possible. If you wish to integrate part of your journey by railway we look forward to help plan your trip accordingly.

…by Airplane or Helicopter…


If you travel in India it often makes sense to cover some distances by plane. For example to reach the Himalayan state of Sikkim guests fly from Delhi or Kolkota to Bagdogra Airport. There are various airlines to choose from such as Jet Airways, Spice Jet, Kingfisher or Indian Airlines. Whenever possible we book the Airline with the best timing and service for you, such as Jet Airways, one of Asia’s best Airlines.

Please note that security controls in Indian Airports are very strict and the specifications for free baggage must be respected in order to avoid additional costs (only 15 kg for check-in-baggage and 7 kg for hand luggage).

Depending on your travel-route you have the possibility to cover certain distances in a helicopter or to experience a round-trip of your choice. For example, the transfer by helicopter from Bagdogra Airport to Gangtok, Sikkim takes only 35 min. compared to 4.5 hrs for the same distance by car. However, only 10 kg of luggage is allowed inside the helicopter per person. This means that an additional vehicle will need to be booked in most cases to transport your luggage. In Sikkim a new Airport is being constructed and by 2015 it might be possible to access Sikkim by plane. Similarly transportation-infrastructure is being constructed and improved throughout the country.

...by Bicycle or MTB...

We are pioneers in operating bicycling-tours in the Indian Himalayas. For more information contact us or check out our "Bicylce- & MTB""

…by Special Transportation…

To make your travel experience varied, with deep insights into the country and its people try special transportation-experiences such as a bicycle-rickshaw-ride through an urban neighbourhood or experience a river by boat or cruise.

For the more adventurous we offer river-rafting, bicycling or integrate a ride on horse, yak, elephant or camel.

If you wish you can also choose to experience India’s cities by public transportation such as subway, bus or in some districts by auto-rickshaw (tuk-tuk). For safaris in National Parks 4-wheel jeeps or canters are used.

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