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• Northeast India: Experiencing amazing natural wonders & cultural diversity between Myanmar & Tibet

Sikkim Tourism and Travel Information


List Bullet Discover the Pearl of the Eastern Himalayas

Discover the Pearl of the Eastern Himalayas Between snow and fairytale forests rich in orchids Sikkim’s lush, green hills and snow-capped peaks spread below Mt. Khangchendzonga, the world’s third highest mountain. The giant is revered by...

List Bullet Best Time to Visit Sikkim

Best Time to Visit Sikkim Spring: March to early June Spring is the best season to experience blooming flowers. Experiencing Himalayan blooming-season from the dense, fragrant, subtropical jungles rich in orchids to the many varieties of rhododendron...

List Bullet Sikkim fact file

Sikkim Fact File Location Sikkim shares borders with Tibet in the North, Bhutan in the East, Nepal in the West and the Indian State of West Bengal in the South. Area 7096 sq. km Population approx. 613’000 Capital Gangtok...

List Bullet festivals of sikkim

2022-23 Sikkim Festival Calendar Many of Sikkim’s festivals & holidays take place in line with Tibetan Buddhist tradition, following the lunar cycle. Particularly the monastic mask-dance-festivals called “Chams” are popular amongst...

List Bullet Religions – Mythical Journeys & Pilgrimages

Religions – Mythical Journeys & Pilgrimages • Sikkim Mythical Journeys & Pilgrimages • History of Sikkim’s Buddhist Heritage • Himalaya Religions •   Though today the majority of people settled...

List Bullet Sikkim Mountain World

Sikkim Mountain World The Himalayas surround the northern, eastern and western borders of Sikkim. The Chola range divide Sikkim from Tibet in the Northeast and Bhutan in the Southeast while the Singelila range separate it from Nepal in the West...

List Bullet People of Sikkim - Cultural Journeys & Homestays

People of Sikkim - Cultural Journeys & Homestays Just as colourful as the land, as open and warm-hearted are the people of Sikkim. Sikkim’s indigenous people include the Lepcha, Bhutia (Bhotia) and the Limbu (Tsong/Limboo) in contrast...

List Bullet Wildlife & Avifauna

Wildlife & Avifauna This is unlike in some other states in Northeast Asia, where you may still find forests – yet void of its inhabitants – it is certainly also thanks to the state's environmental consciousness and the observance...

List Bullet Botany – Orchids, Rhododendron, Himalaya-Flora: Botany Travel

Botany – Orchids, Rhododendron, Himalaya-Flora: Botany Travel On the small area of only about 7‘000 square km Sikkim’s vegetation zones go from the tropical all the way to the alpine. Accordingly Sikkim hosts an extremely diverse...

List Bullet History of Sikkim

History of Sikkim Sikkim was a Buddhist kingdom under the Namgyal-Chogyal dynasty from 1642 to 1975. Time and again the little kingdom had to defend itself against attacks from Nepal. 1835 the area of Darjeeling - that had been part of Sikkim until...

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