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Travel Module: Sikkim North, India


Various types of vegetations and a landscape of rugged mountains await you in the sparsely populated wild north. Travel with us from the dense subtropical forests to temperate and alpine zones, even beyond the tree line close to the Tibetan plateau. Experience wild mountain scenery and a magnificent spectacle of color in the spring when the various rhododendrons are in full bloom. You will be accompanied by an experienced tour guide with in-depth local knowledge, who enjoys considering your personal interests and needs. You stay in the best hotels on site and on demand as a house-guest in a local homestay.



  • Experience subtropical to alpine vegetation zone and landscapes
  • Walking-options in the high-altitude valleys along streams
  • Great variety of rhododendron; yak-grazing grounds & hot spring at Yumthang
  • Insights into the Lachenpa and Lachungpa communities
  • Optional trek to the place where Alexandra David-Neel meditated
  • Tibetan-Buddhist cultural heritage

Popular Itinerary

Day 1: After Module “Sikkim Classic/East” or “Sikkim Dzongu” continue to travel to Lachung, 8800 ft in northern Sikkim

Day 2: Visit the high-altitude valley of Yumthang, 12’500 ft; with optional nature walks. Transfer to Lachen, 9’200 ft

Day 3: Day-trip to Tangu, the last settlement before the boundary to Tibet/China, 13’100 ft; optional trek/hike in the picturesque Chopta Valley.

Day 4: Transfer back to Gangtok/Rumtek. Continue with Travel Module “Sikkim Dzongu”, “Sikkim West”, “Darjeeling” or “Kalimpong”.

Additional Options

  • Homestay North Sikkim: + 1 – 2 days: Gain deep insights into the land and ist people by staying with a local family as their guest (homestay) in the area between Tumlong and Mangan. Enjoy nature- and village walks. Watch as your meal is being cooked, see local gardens & domestic animals - and meet members of the family.
  • Tarum-Trekking: + 5 days: Trek with us across Lhabala-pass (15‘700 ft) from the valley of Yumthang to Lachen.
  • Module Sikkim Dzongu: + 2 days: Integrate a side-trip to the heartland of Sikkim’s indigenous people, the Lepchas.


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