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Discover the Pearl of the Eastern Himalayas

Between snow and fairytale forests rich in orchids Sikkim’s lush, green hills and snow-capped peaks spread below Mt. Khangchendzonga, the world’s third highest mountain. The giant is revered by the people of Sikkim as their protective deity and with its 28,169 ft is the world’s third highest mountain. For a long time the former kingdom of Sikkim located between the Tibetan Plateau, Bhutan, Nepal and the Indian state of West Bengal was difficult to access and considered the last Shangri-la. While modernity with all its comforts and side-effects is quickly grasping one of India’s youngest states, its profound shamanist and Tibetan Buddhist roots as well as its agrarian heritage is still very much mirrored in countless mystic sights, natural riches and idyllic landscapes.

Within a matter of hours one can move from the sub-tropical heat of the lower valleys to the alpine zones of the rugged mountain slopes that reach up to the perpetual snow of the Himalayan giants. These enormous differences in altitude have resulted in a tremendous biodiversity that is unequalled on as small an area as Sikkim.

This marvellous and picturesque land offers a wealth of opportunities to its visitors - a never-dwindling spring for all senses. Whether you are interested in Himalayan cultures, botany, ornithology, Buddhism, shamanism, teagardens, trekking or mountaineering – the charm and gentleness of Himalayan folks and their unique land and traditions are bound to enchant you forever.

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