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Hiking in North Sikkim, India

• 5 – 6 days • trek 3.5 – 4.5 hrs/day • medium - challenging •
• Trekking-trail, open terrain with scree/boulders • 
• Overnights in tent (4- 5 x) • max. altitude: 4’800 m (15’700 ft) • 
• Support-team: Trekking-Guide, Kitchen crew & porters •


In Sikkim’s sparsely populated north, not far from the Tibetan plateau, our trekking takes you on a rarely frequented trail from the hot spring in the valley of Yumthang, 3’700 m (12’100 ft) across a pass, 4’800 m (15’700 ft) to the hot spring of Tarum in the valley of Lachen.

In Yumthang you will stay overnight at the camp on the banks of the prayer-flags lined river. Watch yaks as they graze on the meadows and glare at the imposing snow-covered mountains surrounding the valley or go for a walk through lush rhododendron forests. In the valley of Lachen you will encounter a different vegetation and distinct community with their particular customs and traditions. Many traditional houses made of rammed earth, stone and wood survive till this day. Further up north you will experience changing vegetation dominated by pine trees and sea buckthorn. 


  • in the spring from April to May experience a riot of colours as many different varieties of rhododendron are in full bloom in the valley of Yumthang
  • enjoy sceneries of wild mountains, gushing rivers, grazing yaks, alpine flora, fantastic views onto the peaks of north Sikkim
  • Gain insights into Tibetan heritage as it is reflected in the culture of Lachenpas and Lachungpas 
  • Enjoy a wide range of vegetation - from the subtropical to the alpine zone 
  • Visit village temples, the Kagyu monastery at Phodong and the Nyngma monasteries of Phensang & Labrang

Trekking Itinerary

Day 1: In connection to any other Sikkim Travel Module transfer to a Bhutia-village in the north. Overnight in Homestay.

Day 2: Continue on to Lachung. Overnight in hotel or lodge.

Day 3: Transfer to Yumthang and enjoy a trek through rhododendron-forests. Ovenright in camp.

Day 4 - 7: Trekking across a pass, 4’800 m (15’700 ft) to the valley of Lachen. Overnights in camp.

Day 8: Trek down a long stairway to reach the road. Transfer to Lachen. Overnight in hotel or homestay.

Day 9: Excursion to beyond the last settlement before the Tibetan border and enjoy an idyllic alpine hike.Overnight in hotel or homestay.

Day 10: Transfer back to East Sikkim. Continue with any other Sikkim Travel Module.

Additional Options

  • Replace the trekking with easier day-treks in the valleys of Yumthang and Lachen/Tangu.
  • Excursion with trekking to the meditation place of French explorer and author Alexandra David-Neel.
  • Include an overnight at Tangu, the last settlement before the boundary to Tibet.
  • Green Lake Trekking: + 8 days with 4 to 7.5 hours of trekking per day and a max. height of 4’950 m (16’250 ft); enjoy glaciers, flowering meadows, rhododendron forests, amazing mountain views and possibility of blue sheep-sightings
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