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North East India Round Trip :: Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, India


The mystical land between Tibet and Myanmar (Burma) is the wild, less developed and less visited Northeast India. The long isolation of the area w as reinforced by the absence and inadequacy of infrastructure as well as for political and strategic reasons. Until a few years ago the area was a black spot on the tourism map. Quiet different than the rest of India, the area is home to people with Tibetan or Burmese roots: There are over 500 tribes with their own particular way of life and traditions, languages and cultures.

Our journey leads from the deep green jungle along the Brahmaputra stream to remote mountain villages of the indigenous people. On the plateau of Meghalaya learn about the matrilineal society of the Khasis, visit holy protected forests and travel through a landscape similar to that of Scotland. 

Continue your journey on to the most remote corner of India: the land of the rising sun, Arunachal Pradesh. In remote villages the people of these vast and breathtaking lands of wilderness still maintain their old traditions. A visit to Arunachal Pradesh offers unforgettable encounters with a vast variety of tribal people and fascinating areas of wilderness.  Pioneering spirit, empathy and flexibility are important prerequisites for such a journey and personal consultation is very highly recommended for your trip to North East India. We are happy to discuss and adjust your itinerary  so it fits your interests and expectations.


  • Meet and interact with different tribes and indigenous people of North East India
  • Enjoy a great diversity of landscapes and vegetation: vast jungles, green hills, limestone caves, Himalayan mountains and national parks  rich in biodiversity
  • Walk across suspension bridges made of bamboo/cane or shaped from living roots
  • Gigantic waterfalls, crystal clear rivers and the mighty Brahmaputra stream
  • Spectacular view onto the plains of Bangladesh from the plateau of Meghalaya
  • Visit Nameri- and Kaziranga National Parks – enjoy rich and rare Wildlife
  • Tibetan heritage in Tawang (Arunachal Pradesh) and encounters with the worlds of animism & shamanism

Popular Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at Guwahati Airport,  Assam, India for example in connection to Travel Module "Kolkota" or "Delhi". Enjoy a city tour designed to suit your interests.

Day 2 – 5: Boat trip to a temple island on Brahmaputra river followed by transfer to Shillong, the capital of the state Meghalaya. Excursions to lakes, protected forests, the holy mountain of the Khasi people, and an amazing monolith-garden of the Jaintia people. Overnight in upper or middle class hotel.

Day 6: Continue to travel through India’s Scottland, the green hills of Meghalya. Stay overnight in  a pretty village close to Bangladesh. Overnight in simple bamboo lodge.

Day 7: Transfer to Cherrapunjee with ist spectacular waterfalls, steep cliffs, deep gorges and limestone caves.  

Day 8: Return to Shillong

Day 9: Transfer to Nameri Nationalpark, Assam: Enjoy a jungle safari, optional river rafting and meet members oft he Mising tribe.

Day 10: Transfer to the monastic fort (Dzong) of Dirang, Aruanchal Pradesh.

Day 11 - 12: Experience tibetan cultural heritage in Tawang, the land of the Monpa people. Visit Galden Namgyal monastery and gain insights into monastic life.

Day 13 - 14: Transfer via  Tezpurto Kaziranga National Park

Day 15 - 16: Enjoy safaris by elephant and jeep.

Day 17: Visit Majuli island and discover Assam’s Vashnavite-culture

Day 18 - 19: Continue to the district of Mokokchung in Nagaland. Visit villages and meet members of the Ao-Naga tribe.

Day 20: Continue on to the capital of Nagaland, Kohima and enjoy a city tour.

Option: Every year in the first week of december the colorful Hornbill festival takes place here. The rich traditions of over 16 Naga-tribes are celebrated through performances of folk-dance, war-dance, singing, drumming, traditional games, local foods, textiles and handicraft.

Day 21: Transfer to a beautiful tea garden in Assam. Overnight in a luxury bungalow.

Day 22: Transfer to Jorhat Airport and continue with Travel Module "Kolkota", "Delhi", "Bhutan Traverse" or "Sikkim".

Best time to visit

October through May; ideally between mid-November and April.
Due to monsoon it is not recommended to visit the area from June to September. Due to flooding, Kaziranga Nationla Park remains closed from May until beginning of November.

Additional options

  • East-Arunachal Pradesh Tribal Journey: + 7 – 9 days
    Complement this trip with adventurous experiences in the East of Arunachal Pradesh: Meet tribal members of the Apatani, Nishi, Miri and Adi communities; undertake hikes to remote villages and experience wild jungles and landscapes. The itinerary starts from Kaziranga National Park, takes you to Ziro, Daporijo, Along, Pasighat and ends at Dibrugarh Airport.
  • For botanists and persons interested in botany, ornithology and wildlife: A visit to of some of the lesser known National Parks and Sanctuaries is highly recommendable – provided you can deal with basic accommodations.
  • Integrate a pleasant day-trek and walk on the historic "David Scott Trail" in the enchanting hills of Meghalaya.
  • Tawang-Trekking from Dirang: + 3 day
    This trekking allows you to deeply experience Tawang’s nature and gain insights into life in the country


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