• Sikkim, India: Nr. 1 of Lonely Planet's top-10 travel regions 2014...
• Mongolia: Fascinating land of nomads & blue sky...
• Bhutan: Tibetan heritage in the Himalayan dragon-kingdom...



Paragliding Festival near Bamboo Retreat Hotel from 31.10. – 03.11.2022! Contact us for special packages!

All travel restrictions have been lifted – we look forward to your visit

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  • 27.03.2019 - 17.04.2019
  • Adventure Tour off the beaten track to India’s wild East with Manipur, Nagaland, Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya & Arunachal Pradesh and optional Tripura-Extension.
  • Travel Route:
    Imphal (Manipur) – Kohima (Nagaland) – Jorhat (Assam) – Mon (Nagaland) – Silapathar (Assam) – Aalo (Arunachal)  – Daporijo (Arunachal) – Ziro (Arunachal) – Majuli (Assam) – Kaziranga National Park (Assam) – Shillong (Meghalaya) – Cherrapunjee (Meghalaya) – Guwahati (Silchar – Kailashahar – Agartala)

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  • Extension Tripura: Silchar – Kailashahar – Agartala – Udaipur

  • Contact: helen@sikkim.ch

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  • 2017: Sikkim Ethnic Cuisine Cooking Classes now available at Bamboo Retreat Hotel (www.bambooretreat.in)
  • ​2017: Permaculture Garden ​at Bamboo Retreat Hotel near Rumtek, Sikkim has now received plant labels for interested guests.
  • 16.09.2016: Pang Lhapsol celebration in palace of Chogyal (king) of Sikkim after a gap 26 years! Long live Sikkim's cultural heritage!"
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  • Spring 2016: We are happy to have had another successful travel- and trekking season this spring. Trekking- and Cultural in and around the Sikkim and Bhutan Himalayas continue to dominate. AT Bamboo Retreat we are happy to announce the introduction of permaculture methods to increase biodiversity and fertility of our land. Thanks to the many helping hands!!
  • November 2015: Exploring Madhya Pradesh in Central India – experiencing authentic India off the beaten track!
  • February 2016: South-India Cultural Tour
  • 2015, August: Our Trekking-in-charge from Sikkim, India visits Switzeralnd…“bridging cultures“ in action! Thank you Teten Norbu Bhutia for your loyal and professional collaboration since more than a decade!
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  • 2015, March: Fascination rural Rajasthan...
Chipsy Lady Rajasthan, India Water Buffalo Rural Rajasthan, India Herdsman Camel Rural Rajasthan Rajgarh Traditional Chai Spice Tea Lassie Rajasthan, India Pottery Lady Rajasthan, India Banyan Tree Rajasthan, India Hotel Eco Rajasthan Court, India Hotel Eco Rajasthan Court, India
  • 2015, February: Permaculture-design is being developed by Rico Zook for Bamboo Retreat in Sikkim, India..and yes, Bamboo Retreat is still rated Nr. one by Trip Advisor
Bamboo Retreat Gardening Sikkim, India Bamboo Retreat Gardening Sikkim, India Permaculture Developing Bamboo Retreat Garden Bamboo Retreat Rumtek Sikkim, India
  • 2015, January: We are happy to again offer cultural tours to unknown Bangladesh and Myanmar
  • 2014, July: Mongolia Classic roundtrip with Gobi...
Gobi Flaming Cliffs Mongolia Mongolian Boy Horse Gobi Mongolia Ger Tourist Camp Karakorum Mongolia Nomad Girl Goat Gobi Mongolia Saxal Tree Gobi Mongolia Ger Yurte Mongolia Helen Monastery Ulanbaataar, Mongolia Girl Nadam Festival Gobi, Mongolia
  • Tea Gardens & Himalayan Cultures between Snow & Orchids, Sikkim & Darjeeling, India with Helen Kämpf: Additional group journey  from 01.11. - 15.11.2014!
  • October 2013:  Sikkim has been declared nr. 1 of Lonely Planet’s top 10 Travel Regions 2014! https://www.lonelyplanet.com/travel-tips-and-articles/lonely-planets-best-in-travel-2014-top-10-regions
  • Tea Gardens & Himalayan Cultures between Snow & Orchids, Sikkim & Darjeeling, India with Helen Kämpf: 31.03. – 14.04.2014
  • August 2013: Our manager from Sikkim is visiting Switzerland!
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