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Classic Mongolia Tour Gobi, Karakorum, Hustai & Terelj National Parks



Mongolia with its nomadic culture and fantastic landscapes certainly belongs to one of the world’s most unique countries. The blue sky, the vast steppes, the vibrant nomad culture and its Buddhist heritage are bound to pull you in its spell.

If you are planning your first trip to Mongolia this classic tour is your ideal introduction to this fascinating country. You will gain insights into the life of nomadic families, visit the fascinating sand dunes of the Gobi and learn about the intriguing history and the rich heritage of the Mongols.

You are travelling in comfortable vehicles and are guided by a knowledgeable local guide who takes consideration of your special wishes and interests. In the capital, Ulaanbaatar you stay in a hotel of your preferred standard, elsewhere in selected yurt-camps: The yurt – also called “ger” in Mongolia” - is the traditional nomad tent of Mongolia. They are usually fully equipped with traditionally decorated beds, bedside-table, a closet and a washing-place. Community showers and toilets are usually provided in the style of a campground. Upon request many yurt-camps offer the possibility to book a yurt-suite with attached private bathroom.


  • Stay in the cozy ger/yurt camps while travelling around the great Mongolian wilderness.
  • Enjoy the wild, unspoilt, vast steppes populated by nomads - interact with nomad families, herdsmen and their flock of camel, goat and sheep.
  • See the massive sand dunes of the Gobi.
  • Visit Karakorum and Buddhist monastery Erden Zu.
  • Explore the capital Ulaanbaatar and the Gandan Monastery.
  • Take a walk amongst the red, “flaming” cliffs – the site of many dinosaur fossils.
  • Hike to a petroglyphic site whose clear rock paintings date back to the Bronze age.
  • See wild Przewaslkii horses in Hustai National Park.
  • Visit a monastery and turtle-rock in Gorhi Terelj National Park.
  • Enjoy an optional horse- and/or camel ride.
  • Visit Karakorum and monastery Erdene Zu.

Classic Mongolia Itinerary:


Day 1:  Arrive at Ulaan Bataar International Airport. Meet your guide at the Airport Exit and check-in to your hotel. Enjoy an optional city tour in accordance to your personal interests. For example visit a museum, meet a shaman or take a stroll through the “black market” with your guide. Enjoy dinner in a restaurant of your choice. Go for Mongolian BBQ, Indian , Japanese, Korean or Italian cuisine. Overnight in hotel.

Day 2: Today experience Ulaan Bataar sightseeing as per your personal interests. For example after discussing your options with your local guide you may opt to visit Gnadan Monastery - the center of Mongolia’s Buddhism. Later visit the old imperial Bogd-Khan palace. Overnight in hotel.

Day 3: Domestic flight to the South Gobi. Take an easy hike or ride a Mongolian horse into a narrow gorge where you are likely to encounter “eternal ice”. Transfer to our pick of a nearby yurt-camp. Overnight.

Day 4: Transfer to the great dunes of the great Gobi desert. You also have the option to climb to the top of one the dunes to enjoy a fantastic view. Also visit a camel breeding family and take an optional ride on camel at the foot of the sand dunes. Overnight in ger-camp.


Day 5: Ride through through vast landscapes of steppe and desert to the Bronze Age world class rock paintings. It is a short hike with beautiful views and much worthwhile. Thereafter see the “Red Canyons” (Flaming Cliffs) and take a walk through a forest of rare Saxaul trees. Overnight in ger-camp.

Day 6: Domestic flight to Ulaanbaatar followed by transfer to Terelj National Park. Visit “turtle rock” and a monastery in idyllic, natural setting. Overnight in ger-camp.

Day 7: Transfer to Hustai National Park and encounters with wild Przewaslkii horses. Overnight in ger-camp.

Day 8: Scenic drive to Karakorum and visit of Erdene Zuu monastery and the interesting museum. Overnight in ger-camp.

Day 9: Transfer back to Ulaanbaatar and more sightseeing as per your interest. In the evening enjoy a folklore and dance show in the Opera. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 10: Transfer to the International Airport Ulaanbaatar and fly back to your country.



Adjust the duration of this trip according to the time you have available. We look forward to offering you your individual tour in line with your needs.

Festivals: Integrate a local festival into your itinerary. The National Festival Naadam for example doesn’t only take place yearly in the capital Ulaanbatar, but also in every district on different dates.

Lake Oegi Nuur, Sand Dunes Els, Hot Springs of Tsencher and / or Daschintschilen: + 1 - 5 days: On the way from Ulaanbatar to Karakorum we can integrate additional highlights such as a visit to the beautiful lake Oegi Nuur. Also visit a nomad family or go for horse or camel riding in the beautiful landscape along the sand dunes Els; enjoy a bath in the hot spring of Tsencher; discover the sand dunes Els and climb up to a view point (2 hrs) where a destroyed Buddhist temple has been rebuilt; or visit the ruins of the residence famous mongolian nobleman Tsogt in Daschintschilen.

Neolithic graves, felt-making and birch forests (+ 1 day): Extend your itinerary by adding an extra day in Hustain National Park. Take time for more wildlife observations, a hike through an idyllic birch forest and a trip to the neolithic graves or a visit to local nomad families where you can see how felt-making.

Baga Gazriin Chuluu, Tsagaan Suvarga (White Stupa), Ruin of Ongi Monastery (+ 2 days): Travel by land to South Gobi and along the way visit one of the most beautiful Nature Reserves and the fascinating canyons of Tsagaan Suvraga.

Valley of Buren Khan, monastery Amarbayasgalant & vulcano Uran Togo: (+ 3 - 5 days): Continue your journey within Terelj National Park and travel to a lovely valley. Visit the vibrant community of monchs of the 18th-century monastery Amarbayasgalant – and climb a volcano to enjoy magnificent views. Finally continue your journey to Karakorum.

Best time to visit

June to September

To finalize your personalized itinerary please contact us at: terralaya@sikkim.ch, info@sikkim.ch

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