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Trekking Module: Khangchendzonga, Sikkim, India

• 5 – 12 days • trek 3 – 8 hrs/day • medium to challenging • Trekking-trial, open areas, screes •
• Overnights tent (3 – 6 x) and lodges (2 - 3 x) • max. altitude: 4000 – 4950 m (13’100 – 16’200 ft) • 
• Support-team: Trekking-Guide, Kitchen crew /porters/pack animals (Pony/Dzo/Dzomo) •


Trek with us close to the view points from where you can gain great views onto the world’s third highest mountain Mt. Khangchendzonga, 8586 m (28‘170 ft). For the people of Sikkim this mountain is patron god and guardian of spiritual treasures. In his honour a unique lama dance festival is celebrated annually at the Royal monastery in Gangtok. In accordance with the sentiments of the people regarding the sacredness of this mountain to date, the ascent of this sacred mountain is officially not allowed in Sikkim. 

To approach the view points this trek takes you through various vegetation zones within Khangchendzonga National Park. Hike from the fertile valleys and terraced rice fields up through the lush green jungle rich in orchids all the way up to the barren alpine zone. Enjoy views of the snow capped Himalayan giants and the rolling hills of the lower slopes. The highest point is the view-point at Goechela with 4950 m (16’200 ft). On a clear day to see the sunrise at Goechela is a breathtaking experience and makes up for all your physical efforts.


  • Experience a variety of vegetation zones  in Khangchendzonga National Park
  • See a variety of rhododenron – from tall rhododendron-trees to dwarf varieties
  • Enjoy the company of a well-established trekking team, well-maintained camping supplies and tasty meals
  • With a little luck enjoy breathtaking views onto Mt. Khangchendzonga at sunrise

Trekking Options

Day 1:   Anreise zum Trekkingsausgangspunkt ab Modul Sikkim Basis/Ost 

Day 2 – 9/10:   Option 1: Classic Goechela Trek: Trek from and to the village of Yoksum, 1780 m (5‘800 ft) directly via Dzongri to the view-point at Goechela, 4950 m (16’200 ft).

Day 2 – 13.:   Option 2: Rathong Glacier and Lhamuney Lake: Trekking from and to the village of Yoksum via Dzongri to the view point at Göchela with a side-trek to the Rathong-glacier and Lhamuney-lake.

Day 2. – 6.:   Option 3: Classsic Dzongri Trek: Trek from and to Yoksum to the view point at Dzongri 4000 m (13’100 ft)

Day 2. – 13./14.:   Option 4: Singelela – Goechela Trek: Trek from a Limboo-village to one of Sikkim’s holy caves or along the Singelela-ridge via a less frequented, remote (partly through open terrain without trail) to Dzongri and Goechela. The trek ends at Yoksum.

Day 1. – 9.:   Option 5: Labdang – Goechela Trek: Trekking from a typical Gurung-village on a rarely frequented route to Goechela and back to Yoksum.

End: Arrival at Yoksum and overnight in a nice hotel or homestay. Continue with Travel Module "Sikkim West", "Darjeeling", "Kalimpong", etc.   Round off your trek with cultural experiences, village-walks or rest before and after the trek.

Best time: Mid-March to beginning of May and October to beginning of November



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