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Throughout India a variety of hotels and accommodations in every category and price range are found. The same applies to Bhutan. Where once princes, kings, colonialists or tea-garden-managers lodged the traveller now has the opportunity to be accommodated. This provides for exciting encounters with living history.

In the Himalayan state of Sikkim, India, our boutique hotel The Bamboo Retreat is starting point for various explorations of the former kingdom.
If you travel through lesser visited areas the infrastructure is at times little more than the bare necessities. In such scenarios we choose the best possible accommodation option for you such a privately run Guest House, a rustic lodge, farmhouse or the guest room of a homestay.

In certain travel destinations such as in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan or in Ladakh so-called permanent tent camps are provided. The usually come with private toilet and washing-place (sink) along with a proper bed, contained within a permanent safari-tent. If you do not wish to go without a specific hotel standard, we plan your itinerary accordingly and avoid very remote areas without standard accommodation in your itinerary. On the other hand, if you want to discover remote areas simple and basic accommodation is inevitable.

…Luxus- & Palast Hotels…

India offers top hotels in many tourist destinations such as the Taj, Leela Kempinski and Oberoi. These hotels can easily be compared to the world’s best houses and fulfil highest expectation in terms of luxury and comfort.

In case of a trip to India to a remote region with simpler accommodation or after a trekking trip staying in a luxury hotel is a popular way to complete the journey in a relaxing way.
These hotels are also suitable to start the travel in India and are a gentle introduction to exotic India. In the desert state of Rajasthan converted former Maharaja palaces are also unique and a visit to this area is for this reason alone worthwhile.


…First Class Hotels…

In every big city of India many first class or business hotels are on offer. They come with different restaurants, bars, a swimming pool, fitness centre, etc. We integrate our pick of such hotels in your itinerary if you are looking for a somewhat more reasonably priced itinerary.


…Mid-Range Hotels…

In some remoter areas with no other alternative or depending on your budget we integrate our pick of middle class hotels in your itinerary. These can be compared to 2 – 3-star hotels in southern Europe. In case of Indian Hotels Star-classification is not always a reliable hint. And there are many non-classified smaller middle class hotels that offer better ambience, service and food than many classified hotels. This is especially true for smaller, privately run hotels. For this reason it is all the more important that middle class hotels are chosen carefully. That’s why we continuously examine hotels to choose the best options for you. From such hotels we have been receiving positive feed-back continuously over many years. Another important criteria in choosing such hotels is that they reflect the local culture.

…Heritage- & Boutique Hotels…

Former homes of aristocrats and princes can especially be found in Rajasthan and in some parts of the Himalayas. They come in different standards. After having tested them we integrate our pick as per you budget.

...Simple Hotels & Accommodation…

In very remote destinations such as India’s Northeast or Himalayan regions pioneer spirit and encounters with tribal cultures is paramount. The choice of accommodation is very much limited here and is very simple and basic. They come with the most necessary facilities only with private or shared toilets / wash-room.
Even here in choosing accommodation for you we keep in mind food-quality, hygiene, hospitality and ambience.

This category of accommodation is made up of privately or government- run lodges, guesthouses, cottages and circuit-houses (accommodation for government-employees on visit).


In case of accommodation in a homestay the host-family takes care of your personal wellbeing and offers their guest-room to you. Usually a toilet and wash-room are provided exclusively to the guest for the duration of their stay.
Homestays are especially found in South India as well as in the Indian Himalaya. We have tested many homestays and have been involved in helping families to establish new homestays as a meaningful way to generate extra income while preserving the local culture.
We integrate homestays from where we have received positive customer feedback over again. In choosing homestays hygiene, location, friendliness and reflection of local architecture are the most important criteria. In case of most homestays there is a member of the family who speaks English. In other cases the local accompanying guide is there to help with communication. For more information about our himalayan homestays please check out the following Terralaya-Link: www.himalayanhomestay.com

...Permanent Tent Camps and Trekking Tents...

In some remote areas such as in Northeast India, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh or Rajasthan permanent tent-camps are available for visitors. These are permanent safari-style tents offering a room with canvas walls and ceiling that are built high enough to stand straight. They usually are equipped with a bed and closets and a private bathroom containing a place for washing and a toilet.
During trekking trips depending on the chosen destination and route you stay overnight in basic lodges or in a trekking-double-tent. For more information on trekking-equipment please check out our Yetilaya-Link: www.yetilaya.com.

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