• Sikkim: Experience permaculture & rural himalayan life in India's organic state
• Bhutan: honouring & preserving cultural heritage, traditional architecture and native knowledge
• Northeast India: Experiencing amazing natural wonders & cultural diversity between Myanmar & Tibet

Welcome to the Land of the Thunder Dragon

List Bullet Intro The Land of the Thunder Dragon

Welcome to the Land of the Thunder Dragon Probably no other country on earth has preserved and protected its traditions, environment and cultural identity from the influence of western civilization as much as Bhutan has. In 1999 Bhutan was the last...

List Bullet Best Time to Travel

Best Time to Travel Spring: March to June Spring is the best time to experience Bhutan’s diverse flora. Vast stretches of forested hills are dotted with sweet smelling magnolia or a riot of colours displayed by a variety of rhododendron....

List Bullet Bhutan Fact File

Bhutan Fact File Location On the southern slopes of the north-eastern Himalayas. Bhutan is bordered by Tibet/China in the north and the Indian States of ArunachalPradesh, Sikkim, Assam and West Bengal in the east, west and south. Area 18’147...

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