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Best Time to Travel

Spring: March to June

Spring is the best time to experience Bhutan’s diverse flora. Vast stretches of forested hills are dotted with sweet smelling magnolia or a riot of colours displayed by a variety of rhododendron. March is peak-season for magnolia and primula while orchids and rhododendron are at their peak from April to May. Farmers are busy planting rice seedlings in the lower valleys or are busy herding their animals on the lush pastures.

Summer – June to September

From July to September Bhutan receives plenty of rain. Warm temperatures without extreme heat make trekking in high-altitude during this time of the year a special experience. The Laya-nomads move with their yaks to higher pastures on which the colourful Himalayan flora now is at its best. In lower areas farmer’s rice-fields are now filled with water.

Fall – October to December

This time is ideal for trekking and for good views and comfortable weather. Monsoon is over, the valleys are green and the sky – mostly - blue. Mountain-views are generally clearer now. Fall is also harvest-season with many colourful religious festivals taking place.


Winter - December to March

During winter months nights are cold while days are mostly sunny and dry. 

Bhutan Festivals

Colourful monastic festivals with spectacular mask dances and archery-events take place throughout the year but mostly in April, September and October. Depending on your travel time we can integrate one of Bhutan’s festivals into your itinerary.


Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
average max. temp. in °F* at Thimpu, 7’710 ft 54 58 61 68 73 76 66 77 64 71 64 58 57
average rainfall in Thimpu in inches 0.6 1.6 0.9 2.3 4.8 9.6 14.5 13.5 6 1.5 0.3 0.1 5.4
* with every 330 ft rise in altitude, depending on weather-condition,  the average temperature will lower by 33 to 34 °F.
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