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Meghalaya round trip: Discovering Indian Scotland – Exotic landscapes and unique company | Nordostinidien und Sikkim Reisen - Bild zu Meghalaya round trip: Discovering Indian Scotland - Exotic landscapes and unique company

Tour description

Little touched by tourism, the northeastern Indian state of Meghalaya is an unknown and exotic destination for nature-loving private tours or small groups who want to get to know something new, away from mass tourism.

Stroll through rolling hills interspersed with granite rocks as big as houses, experience mysterious caves, dramatic gorges and rushing waterfalls and marvel at the steep tropical mountain slopes and bizarre limestone formations on the grass-covered plateau of Cherrapunjee.

This plateau, which stands out from the lowlands of Bangladesh at around 1,500 m, is located in a zone of the world where the most intensive rainfall is recorded – the explanation for the “steaming” lowlands of Bangladesh that extend as far as the eye can see behind the Cherrapunjee plateau. It is uniquely spectacular to experience how the moisture from the flatlands of Bangladesh piles up into clouds above the Meghalaya Plateau and then rushes down over the picturesque landscape.

You will meet the Khasis people, a matrilineal society in which the youngest daughter inherits the family’s land and high priestesses play an important role.

Walk through sacred forests rich in butterflies and orchids, through which crystal-clear rivers meander; cross watercourses on living roots that have been shaped into bridges by the locals over decades; recharge your batteries in front of spectacular, rushing waterfalls. Visit some of the largest caves in the world if you wish and learn a lot about the Khasis, the Hindu Jaintias and the former headhunters, the Garo people.

This tour offers you fascinating and varied highlights in an unjustly unknown area of northeast India.

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  • spectacular landscapes with rolling green hills, spectacular cliffs and waterfalls
  • the towering clouds on the plateau of Cherrapunjee and the view of Bangladesh
  • the root bridges – suspension bridges made from living roots
  • The matrilineal society of the Khasis – in stark contrast to the rest of India
  • Village visit in the jungle on the border with Bangladesh and overnight stay in a bamboo house


  • Day 1: Arrival at Guwahati Airport, Assam or in combination with travel module “Delhi”, “Kolkata”, “Assam”, “Arunachal Pradesh” or “Nagaland” – transfer to Shillong
  • Day 2: Shillong – sightseeing tour
  • Day 3: Shillong – Umian Lake/ Sohpetbneng – Shillong
  • Day 4: Shillong – Smit & Nongkrem – Mawphlang – Shillong
  • Day 5: Shillong – Cherrapunjee/ Sohra
  • Day 6: Cherrapunjee/ Sohra – Laitkynsew
  • Day 7: Laitkynsew – Nongriat – Laitkynsew
  • Day 8: Laitkynsew – Mawlynong
  • Day 9: Mawlynong
  • Day 10: Mawlynong, 780 m above sea level – Shillong, 1500 m above sea level
  • Day 11: Shillong – Nartiang Monolith Garden – Shillong
  • Day 12: Shillong – Guwahati Airport or continue with travel module “Delhi”, “Kolkata”, “Assam”, “Arunachal Pradesh” or “Nagaland”

Additional options

  • Popular: Combine your tour with safaris in Kaziranga National Park or with our travel modules “Nagaland“, “Assam“, “Arunachal Pradesh” or other destinations.
  • Hike: Integrate a day hike on the historic “David Scot Trail” to Cherrapunjee.
  • Adventure: Visit with us the land of the Garos, an indigenous people with a history of headhunting
  • Gigantic caves: Integrate a visit to one of Meghalaya’s gigantic caves with an expert tour guide.